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Accredited certification of plugs and sockets protects consumers

In order to ensure the quality safety of plugs and sockets, they are subject to compulsory product certification. There are thousands of plugs and sockets manufacturers in China including small enterprises of three-five employers and large enterprises of hundreds of employers, due to low entry barriers into the industry. To ensure product safety, type testing of samples and factory inspection by manufacturers are combined for the CCC certification of plugs and sockets.

Based on relevant standards for testing, over 20 safety criteria were involved in type testing, including product size, electric-shock safeguard, structure, protection provided by the shell, insulation resistance, electrical properties such as electric strength, temperature, mechanical strength, as well as heat-proof and flame retardant properties of insulating materials. Factory inspection involves the conformity of key factors such as personnel, apparatus, environment and raw materials to ensure that enterprises are capable of mass producing quality products. Products are granted CCC certification only after passing type test and factory inspection.

More than 8,000 certificates have been issued to over 1,800 enterprises by the end of 2017, including 8,231 certificates for 1,791 domestic enterprises (including those in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) and 40 for 15 overseas enterprises.

Accredited certification of plugs and sockets protects consumers


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