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Title Utilization of “JCSS” standard gas for monitoring exhaust gases in the atmospheric environment


To protect the environment, emission rates of exhaust gas in the atmospheric environment must be accurately measured and monitored. In Japan, standard gases, provided by accredited reference material producers (RMPs) under the “Japan Calibration Service System”, (JCSS) are used for the calibration of gas analyzers. Since these gases are traceable to the national measurement standard, highly reliable measurement results can be obtained and the environmental atmosphere can be controlled properly.


Regarding the measurement of exhaust gas from a garbage incinerator, carbon monoxide and oxygen concentrations are strictly monitored by a gas analyzer. The Measurement Act and the manual of the Ministry of the Environment require the gas analyzer to be calibrated periodically by the standard gases, which ensures the metrological traceability. The discharge of air pollutants into the environment must be monitored continuously for a long period of time. By controlling the accuracy of measuring equipment using JCSS standard gas-ensured metrological traceability, it is possible to obtain measurement results with reliability.


JCSS is one of the accreditation programs operated by IAJapan. JCSS Calibration laboratories shall ensure that metrological traceability fulfils national standards and meets the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 under the Measurement Act. In addition, JCSS calibration laboratories which produce JCSS standard gas shall also meet the requirements of ISO 17034 as RMPs under the ILAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA).

Therefore, JCSS standard gases are highly reliable standard gases and enable reliable measurements.

Here is the outline of JCSS:

Results and impact

In FY 2020, 33,392 JCSS standard gas certificates (13 types supplied) were issued in Japan. JCSS standard gas, supplied by accredited laboratories and RMPs, contributes to obtaining reliable measurement results and controlling the atmospheric environment properly for climate change (SDGs 13).


International Accreditation Japan (IAJapan), National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE)

Title Utilization of “JCSS” standard gas for monitoring exhaust gases in the atmospheric environment


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