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CNAS accredited laboratories contributed to the success of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics


The Beijing Winter Olympics opened on 04 February 2022. During the Olympics, many “Made in China” and “Cool tech” products became the focus all over the world. ¬†Epidemic prevention and security controls were also of utmost importance.


Focusing on the requirements of “simplicity, safety and excellence”, the enterprise laboratories accredited by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) actively participated in the provision of smart restaurants and Olympic venues, which not only assisted in the smooth progress of the competition, but also provided a technical guarantee for the health of relevant personnel and the safety and reliability of the venue.


CNAS accredited laboratory Guangdong Zhiyuan Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. Testing and Evaluation Center, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qianxi Robotics Group, provided technical services of intelligent catering for global media journalists during the Winter Olympics. The test center of Shanghai Shenli Technology Co., LTD., accredited by CNAS, has played a technical supporting role for the “hydrogen energy” green and low-carbon transportation provided by the company. The Winter Olympics medical metrology service team of Hebei Institute of Metrology, accredited by CNAS, provided metrology calibration services for the Beijing Winter Olympics. Beijing Lead Electric Equipment Co.,Ltd. enterprise laboratory, as the 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Winter Olympic power equipment supply guarantee enterprise, was responsible for electrical equipment and power security work at low temperatures in the Beijing competition area including the National Stadium (Bird-Nest), National Speed Skating Oval.

Results and impact

  1. One of the highlights that attracted journalists from all over the world was the Smart restaurant, the main media center of the Winter Olympics, which Qianxi Robotics Group participated in the research, development, manufacture and operation of. It provided multi-flavor and nutritious catering services for journalists from all over the world. The use of an intelligent frying pan, intelligent hamburger machine, intelligent Baozai rice machine, and robot mixologist not only effectively solved the problems of unstable quality and flavour variation that are prone to occur in traditional catering models, but more importantly, in the context of epidemic prevention and control, reduced human cross contact and the cost of epidemic prevention.
  2. More than 400 vehicles equipped with hydrogen fuel cell stacks of Shanghai Shenli Technology Co., Ltd, provided a green and low-carbon transportation guarantee for athletes, volunteers, media and staff of various countries in the cold Zhangjiakou competition area. At the same time, the accredited laboratory of Shanghai Shenli Technology Co., Ltd independently designed hydrogen and air pre-cooling devices based on the characteristics of cell research and production, and carried out harsh low-temperature tests to ensure low-temperature reliability of products applied in the Winter Olympics.
  3. The CNAS accredited calibration laboratory Hebei Institute of Metrology operated in strict accordance with relevant recognized requirements, provided measurement guarantees for the Zhangjiakou competition area, formed the medical device testing expert team, temperature measurement equipment testing expert team, and environmental equipment measurement technology team. Since November 2021, the technical team has provided reliable measurement and calibration services for Zhangjiakou health care division of hospital medical equipment, human body temperature measurement equipment in public places and air quality monitoring equipment in sports venues, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the game and also protect the health and safety of related personnel.
  4. Beijing Lead Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. was responsible for electrical equipment and power security work at low temperatures in Beijing competition areas such as the National Stadium (Bird-Nest) and National Speed Skating Oval. The test center of the company accredited by CNAS provides a stable, efficient and safe power guarantee, and standardized and normalized electrical testing and safety services for double Olympic Games power equipment, and contributed to the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics.



CNAS accredited laboratories contributed to the success of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics


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