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Air quality of the workplace supported by accredited laboratories

Microbiological surveillance of ambient air is currently a major concern. The assessment and monitoring of public places such as as workplaces to detect the presence of pathological germs or viruses that could hazardous to human health, will help to support public health.

As of 1st January 2016, aero-biocontamination evaluation testing services can benefit from accreditation to assess and recognise the technical competency as well as the impartiality of evaluation testing laboratories in:

  • Indoor air (facilities open to the public, housing units),
  • Workplaces air (buildings presenting specific pollution),
  • Controlled environment (health facilities, laboratories…).

The measurements performed under accreditation will ensure that the ventilation systems meet the needs of the general public as well as workers, and that the maintenance is compliant with current technical regulations.

Air quality of the workplace supported by accredited laboratories


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