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Accredited laboratory supports Jamaican trade of food exports

The Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce, recognises the accreditation of the Pesticide Research Laboratory (PRL) of the University of the West Indies (UWI), as critical to strengthening Jamaica’s quality infrastructure and improving service standards.

The accreditation plays an important role in the facilitation of trade, particularly as it relates to export promotion in the agricultural sector, while supporting the country’s food safety policy.

Results are now well placed to be accepted on a global basis, thus facilitating export of local as well as regional products. Accreditation is a critical component of a strengthened National Quality Infrastructure (NQI), is valuable to the development of a logistics-centred economy, and allows for realisation of the full benefits of the National Export Strategy.

Further information is available on the Jamaican Government website.

Accredited laboratory supports Jamaican trade of food exports



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