Case Study

Accreditation enables greater security for mobile Apps

As the smart mobile communication devices become more popular, surfing on the Internet and installing an application (App) on a handheld electronic device have become common. However, the rapid spread of Apps has raised concerns over information security. Users may leak personal data or encounter financial loss due to malicious or vulnerable software.

To cope with these risks, Taiwan’s Executive Yuan has decided to take precautionary measures by establishing a mechanism for App security management. It commissioned the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), Ministry of Economic Affairs to develop “Basic Information Security Guidelines for Mobile Applications” and “Basic Testing Guidelines for Mobile Applications”. Meanwhile, IDB is also developing a voluntary certification and mark mechanism for App information security.  By encouraging self-management of App developers and by implementing the testing and certification system, the cases of users’ financial loss resulting from information security problems may be reduced.

Further information is available on the Ministry of Economic Affairs website.

Accreditation enables greater security for mobile Apps

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